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Why is there a Digital Bookmobile at the Library?

By od.admin | Mar 16, 2018

Why is there a Digital Bookmobile at the Library?

On the road, we frequently see head scratches and hear, “Why is there a bookmobile at the library when they are supposed to serve readers who can’t access the library?”

Bookmobiles have been around since the 19th century with the goal of bringing literacy to the masses. Traditionally, bookmobiles serve to bring books to readers who cannot access the library because of distance or ability. Though, it’s not limited to that. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Bookmobiles have been used for servicing school districts, housing visual aids, and transporting educational exhibits.”

Digital Bookmobile 2009 (First Generation)

The Digital Bookmobile powered by OverDrive can be seen as an educational exhibit and promotional tool. This community outreach vehicle is for both public libraries and schools to promote their digital collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video to their communities. Visitors on the Digital Bookmobile learn how easy it is to borrow titles in the digital age.

This traveling exhibit first launched in 2008 in Central Park, New York, and has since traveled more than 175,000 miles and welcomed 218,526 visitors at 869 events.

In the end, our goals are the same. Traditional bookmobiles and the Digital Bookmobile strive to spread literacy to the masses. OverDrive is proud to be the industry-leading digital reading platform for more than 40,000 libraries & schools worldwide. OverDrive’s implementation of the Digital Bookmobile allows them to support their school and library partners while educating their communities on this service.

Digital Bookmobile 2017 (Second Generation) An education and learning tool on wheels.