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Make Traveling Easier with Libby

By Marissa Gillett | May 17, 2019

Make Traveling Easier with Libby

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with travel. For me, nothing can quite compare to the feeling I get when exploring a new city, meandering around museums, sampling authentic cuisines, or hiking through forests thousands of miles from home. As soon as I got word that I was chosen to travel around North America with the Digital Bookmobile, I started researching each place I would stop along the way. It has taken quite a bit of planning, but my once blank Google Doc has turned into nine pages of adventure. How did I do it? With the help of Libby and my public library, of course! Here are three ebooks that my library had in their digital collection that helped me determine how I would spend my free time while out on the road.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz

Patricia Schultz doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to her recommendations. In “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” travelers can read about top attractions, must-dos, events & festivals, day trip information and a list of accommodations in the area. Within each section, Schultz includes visitor information such as the pricing for each activity and the best time to visit, as well as contact information and hyperlinks to each establishment’s website. That’s right, Libby does all that work for you, so no need to copy and paste!

National Parks of America by Lonely Planet

It wasn’t until I was 17 that I stepped into my very first national park. My family rented a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains for Christmas and although that was nearly eleven years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. The peace and tranquility that our National Parks offer can be a welcome change after weeks on end of packed planes, long car rides and talking to hundreds of people a day. So when I find that I need a break from the day-to-day, I open up “National Parks of America.” It is packed with where to stay, what trails to hike, activities to try and all the wildlife adventurers might encounter during their visit.

Food Trails by Lonely Planet Food

Unfortunately for me, while traveling for work I can’t use this book for its original intention of giving foodies multi-day adventures in food capitals of the world, but that won’t stop me from visiting a few of the restaurants highlighted in this incredible resource. With its full-page photos, beautifully designed maps and easy to read layout, “Food Trails” is not only a treat for the mouth but a treat for the eye as well. Within its pages, readers will find a little bit of history about each restaurant, must try recommendations, contact information, hours of operation and hyperlinks to each establishment’s website in case foodies want to view the full menu. I never thought I’d say it, but who needs Google?

Next time you are planning a vacation, short or long, browse Libby’s travel titles and see if she can save you time, money and headache.