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5 Reddit communities for book lovers

By Marissa Gillett | Sep 06, 2019

5 Reddit communities for book lovers

Whether you want to participate in lively discussions about your favorite classic novel, brag about how many books you’ve read this year, or upvote a perfectly organized home library, Reddit has a community for literary fanatics of all types.

1. r/52books

Do you ever struggle to get reading into your daily routine? r/52books is a community of nearly 50,000 members all working toward the same goal — reading one book per week for a full year. Busy schedules, a fantastic fall TV lineup, and other hobbies can all hinder the time you spend reading, and it happens to all of us! It can really help seeing other readers discuss how they’ve gotten back on track after falling behind during their 52 book challenge. So, if you need a good motivator or you just want to show off your latest reads, this subreddit is for you!

2. r/bookclub

There are many perks to living in the digital age; mobile book clubs are definitely at the top of that list. So, this book club doesn’t come with a glass of wine and gossip with your friends, but with this book club, you can participate in this book club in your own time. Subscribers vote for the book that will be discussed throughout the month, with a focus on literary fiction and classics, then engage in thoughtful discussion about that month’s pick. This subreddit is perfect for readers with busy schedules.

3. r/bookshelf

Bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes. There are people who organize by release date, authors last name, color, genre, height, hardcover vs paperback, read vs untouched. You name it, there is likely someone out there that does it. There are people who wouldn’t dare use their bookshelves for anything other than books and others that integrate their knickknacks among their favorite bestsellers. My eye is always drawn to the bookshelves when I enter someone’s house for the first time because I think a bookshelf can tell you a lot about a person. If you are the same way, r/bookshelf is for you. Users post their organized and disorganized collections for all to see.

4. r/suggestmeabook

You open Libby and hop into your tags only to realize you have gone through your entire wish list. You’ve been so busy that you haven’t added anything in the last few weeks. You try scrolling through your go-to genre, but nothing is really jumping out at you. We’ve all be there and that’s why r/suggestmeabook is one of the best communities on Reddit. When you’re at a loss for what to read next, let this subreddit know some of the books you have enjoyed in the past and internet strangers from around the world will give you a book to enjoy now, as well as a few to add to that empty wish list.

5. r/whatsthatbook

Have you ever found yourself blanking on the title of a book that you read over ten years ago? Or maybe you overheard a conversation about a book that sounded amazing, but you never caught the title or author? When a thorough Google search doesn’t help, you start describing the plot to friends, family, coworkers, and occasionally the cashier at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the answer either. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were thousands of people waiting to hear the vague description of your mystery book so you can solve your literary white whale? Luckily, r/whatsthatbook has your back.