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Four reasons to keep Libby in your back pocket

By Marissa Gillett | Nov 16, 2019

Four reasons to keep Libby in your back pocket

“No offense, but I prefer reading a real book.” On the Digital Bookmobile, we hear this often, and oddly enough, I love the challenge of convincing a non-believer. I adore physical books (just ask my partner who had to carry a seemingly endless number of boxes up four flights of stairs when we moved to Cleveland), and my intention as a reading advocate is not to ask you to give up your collection of paperback books. However, occasionally reading on a phone or tablet might be worth looking into. Here are just a few reasons borrowing ebooks and audiobooks through Libby can come in handy when you need it most.

Libby is a great travel companion for many different reasons. For one, you can leave the stacks of heavy paperback books at home and carry just one smart device with several ebooks downloaded for vacation reading–leaving more space in your suitcase for souvenirs! On road trips, there is no need to worry about changing out CDs, audiobooks in Libby download as one single file so you can just press play and hit the open road. Libby also downloads titles for offline use, which means you can keep reading on those desolate back roads and in airplane mode!

24/7 Availability Anywhere
One perk of digital reading is that things like busy schedules and weather can’t stand in the way of borrowing materials from your local library. Whether it’s work, school, or icy roads that prevent you from getting to the library during their open hours, you don’t have to miss out on diving into a good book. With our one-tap reading app you can borrow a title while on the go or bundled up next to the fireplace right at home.

If you’re in need of large print books, you are no longer limited to the large print section in the stacks. Libby has a variety of text sizes to choose from and once you choose what size font works for you, every book you borrow in the app moving forward will be tailored to that exact specification. Additionally, you can bold the text, increase the line spacing, and use special fonts like our OpenDyslexic font. That’s right! Ebooks are easier than ever to customize to fit your reading needs.

Budget Friendly
One of the best things about borrowing books on your device is that it’s easy on your wallet. Not only do titles automatically go back to the library without the chance of being charged a late fee, but they are impossible to lose and incapable of being damaged. With Libby, say goodbye to library dues forever!