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Another tour on the “books”

By Marissa Gillett | Dec 09, 2019

Another tour on the “books”

Just in time to fly home and stuff ourselves with turkey, the Digital Bookmobile team wrapped up our 2019 tour. We had been on the road since February, traveling across the United States showcasing our awesome reading apps, Libby and Sora!

We had many successes and made many memories out on the road this year! Here are some of our favorite highlights:

  1. I got my road legs
    When Lauren transferred to OverDrive’s training team after two tours with the Digital Bookmobile, I quickly filled her shoes out on the road. It took some adjusting to the cushy lifestyle of crisp hotel sheets and delicious meals at local restaurants, but I eventually got used to it. ?
  2. Our core team was formed
    The Digital Bookmobile team expanded as we brought on OverDrive staff from other departments to lead events when Joe and I are needed elsewhere. Dan, Lauren, Max, and Mike are a welcome addition to the team!
  3. Tucson Festival of Books
    Joe and Adam (of the Professional Book Nerds) met over 3,000 excited book lovers who wanted to find out more about Libby! During the festival, they had great food, amazing conversations about beloved books, and got to pet a lot of dogs!
  4. Our visit to Middletown, Rhode Island
    The staff at Middletown Public Library truly went all out for their Digital Bookmobile event to make it exceptional for not only their patrons but for the Digital Bookmobile team as well! The library hosted various raffles that included three Kindles, gave out Dell’s lemonade (a Rhode Island staple), and made t-shirts and car decals that pronounced their love of OverDrive. Our staff always feels welcome at our events, but Middletown Public Library made us feel extra special during our time there.
  5. Finding out new ways the Libby app creates greater accessibility to reading
    During our time in the King County Library System, we spoke with many patrons that lived in an encampment nearby. We met one man that was quite skeptical about our services, but after climbing aboard the Digital Bookmobile, he realized reading on a smart device was the worry-free solution he had been searching for to borrow materials from the library. He explained that unlike a physical book, an ebook can’t be lost, stolen, or damaged in the unpredictable Seattle weather, all real and likely possibilities when living on the streets. We often speak to Libby’s ability to create greater accessibility by emphasizing the apps customizable reading settings or the ability to borrow 24/7 but never considered the problems Libby could solve for those experiencing homelessness.
  6. We rolled out our new Sora Challenge
    During our school visits, high school students now compete against each other in a race to finish a scavenger hunt within the Sora app. Winning teams get various prizes and, most importantly, bragging rights. We’ve heard great feedback about the challenge so far from both students and teachers!

It’s good to be home, but we sure do get antsy in the office. Over the next two months, we are putting our heads together to figure out how to make next year’s tour even better with new giveaways, new tips & tricks, and new ways to make a visit on the Digital Bookmobile unforgettable! Until then, keep reading!

Middletown Public Library 2019