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Happy Holidays from our favorite librarian

By Marissa Gillett | Dec 20, 2019

Happy Holidays from our favorite librarian

The holiday season is an excellent time to utilize your local library’s digital collection. In between all of the ugly sweater parties, family get-togethers and holiday recitals, it can be hard to squeeze in a trip to the library. Fortunately, Libby has thousands of titles to help you survive the busiest time of the year. Here are some of the best ways to use Libby during the holidays:

Use an extra hand in the kitchen

There is nothing quite like the whole family getting together to cook a delicious meal, bake holiday cookies, or sip on spiked eggnog. What’s not so great? Scouring the internet for new recipes for sweets and drinks. Here’s a pro tip: You can borrow an array of books that can assist you in the kitchen this holiday season with just a tap of your finger.

Inspire creativity

One of the best times of the year to break out the big box of craft supplies hiding in the top of the closet is the holiday season. A wreath made with free pinecones from the yard? Yes, please! Whether you’re looking to knit a last-minute gift for a friend, create ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree, or reuse those holiday cards in a fun new way, check out your library’s digital collection for hundreds of books that scratch that DIY itch.

Recuperate with a good book

Sometimes it feels like from mid-November to January 2nd we’re all on a never-ending planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and wrapping- loop, but it’s important to find a little time for some R & R & R (rest, relaxation and reading). So, make sure to set aside a few nights here and there to put on your fuzzy socks, snuggle up next to the fire, and download a cozy mystery, winter romance, or a holiday storybook to your smart device. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Become the life of the party

Fill the season with laughter by being the funniest person at your holiday party. Need new material on a moment’s notice? Don’t worry! You can borrow laugh out loud e-content 24/7. Libby has plenty of titles that will keep you and your family laughing through the New Year.


Strive for self-improvement

It’s that time of year again to break a bad habit (or start a new healthy one), but a little assistance never hurt. Let Libby double as your therapist, financial advisor, or personal trainer by browsing the non-fiction section of your library’s digital collection to find a title that fits your New Year’s resolution!