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Three Reading Challenges to Enjoy in 2020

By Marissa Gillett | Jan 03, 2020

Three Reading Challenges to Enjoy in 2020

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set new reading goals. Whether you want to start reading, read more, or maintain the amount you read currently, the best way to start or keep a habit is to track your progress and make it fun! To help you accomplish your goals, we put together a list of three reading challenges you can take part in this year to help you find (or maintain) reading happiness.

The Professional Book Nerds 2020 Reading Challenge

Could we really make a reading challenge list without including our friends from The Professional Book Nerds? I think not! The Professional Book Nerds are back with a 2020 Reading Challenge that feature 12 categories to push readers to read outside their comfort zone. Professional Book Nerds’ hosts Adam and Jill also share their recommendations for each task on their podcast, making it even easier for you, so be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Did I mention that by completing the challenge, readers are entered to win a free device from OverDrive? What are you waiting for!? You can find the rules for the Professional Book Nerds 2020 Reading Challenge here.

2020 Library Love Challenge

If you think you will have no problem completing the Professional Book Nerds reading challenge, you might as well also take part in the 2020 Library Love Challenge as well. This challenge encourages readers to show their library some love by reading 12 books specifically borrowed from the library. Books can be any genre and any format as long as the book is borrowed from the library. To find out more about this challenge, visit Angel’s Guilty Pleasures blog here.

2020 A to Z Reading Challenge

For those that want to challenge themselves to read even more this year, check out Ginger Mom and Company’s 2020 A to Z Reading Challenge. This challenge motivates readers to finish 26 books over the course of the year, each one with a title that starts with a different letter of the alphabet. Ginger Mom and Company host both an adult and a children’s version of the A to Z challenge, which is a great way to get the entire family involved. Readers that complete the A to Z challenge are entered to win a book of their choice (valued up to $20 at Amazon). To sign up for this challenge, check out Ginger Mom and Company’s blog here.

All three reading challenges allow crossovers from other challenges, which means you can participate in all three. Not only will you get to enjoy a boatload of books this year, but you’ll also triple your chances at winning some awesome prizes! Of course, reading just for the fun of it is a-okay too. Good luck and happy reading in 2020!