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Bookstagram: Fun hashtags for every reader

By Marissa Gillett | Jan 15, 2021

Bookstagram: Fun hashtags for every reader

Few digital spaces rival the quality of the bookstagram community. Of course, hashtags aid in the discovery of all that delicious lit content. There are hundreds out there, and many of them have the same or similar content within, like #igreads and #bookish. So, what hashtags should you follow to make your feed as fresh and diverse as it can be? Here are a few of my favorites:
#libbyapp & #soraapp
Open your To Be Read list! Not only will these hashtags keep you up to date on OverDrive’s latest app features and bookclubs like Big Library Read, #libbyapp and #soraapp are also filled with book recommendations and reviews from Libby or Sora users, librarians, and media specialists just like you!

#diybookshelf & #recycledbooks
If you fancy yourself a creative type, these hashtags won’t let you down. Struggling with the age-old problem of too many books, not enough shelf space? Perhaps you are holding on to a book that has had pages falling out of it since the ‘90s (it can’t only be me, right?). If you fancy yourself a creative type, these hashtags won’t let you down. Check out what other DIYers have created for or out of books in #diybookshelf and #recycledbooks!

#literaryink & #booktattoo
Not everyone is lucky enough to work at a company where book inspired tattoos are the norm, so you might have to rely on Instagram to see some of the amazing story-inspired body ink that is out there. Though similar in name, there are a few distinctions between the two hashtags. #booktattoo is more popular, with over 33k posts to date, but many of the tattoos are geared toward the general book lover. #literaryink is quite a bit smaller, with less than 10k posts, and the tattoos tend to reference a particular title or author.

#bookswag & #bookmerch
What booknerd doesn’t love filling their house with literary treasures? Both of these hashtags offer the same content: book-themed items that will have you drooling for days, but #bookmerch is a little more active. These hashtags are packed with everything from lit candles to bookish home décor. Be warned that you will have to practice a lot of self-restraint as you scroll through all of the amazing goodies, but these hashtags are particularly handy around the holidays, whether you are searching for the perfect gift for someone else or putting together your own wish list.

What book related hashtags do you swear by? Let us know over on our Instagram @DigitalBookmobile!