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50 signs that you are a book nerd

By Marissa Gillett | Mar 19, 2021

50 signs that you are a book nerd
  1. You never leave the house without your library card.
  2. You have read a book in one sitting, likely finishing it in the wee hours of the morning.
  3. You have ignored a loved one for a book.
  4. You have a designated reading chair, nook, corner, or nest.
  5. You organize your books a very specific way and notice when one is out of place.
  6. You have cancelled plans with a friend so you could stay home and read.
  7. When stay-at-home orders went into effect, you didn’t complain because that meant you would get to spend more. time reading.
  8. You have considered a fictional character a friend.
  9. You are on a first-name basis with your local librarians.
  10. You had a stance on Jacob vs. Edward, even if you pretend you didn’t.
  11. You take offense to the idea that graphic novels or audiobooks “aren’t reading”.
  12. You have actively sought out household chores just so you could spend more time listening to an audiobook.
  13. You have named a pet after a literary reference.
  14. You have at least one book on your shelf that looks like it has been through a war.
  15. You will turn literally anything into a bookmark.
  16. You have stressed over your reading goals more than your career goals.
  17. When you work out, you listen to audiobooks instead of music.
  18. You have annotated a book for fun.
  19. You have an Instagram account dedicated to your love of books.
  20. You keep in better contact with fellow bookstagrammers than your IRL friends.
  21. You have at least one piece of art that is a subtle reference to a book.
  22. You have at least one piece of art that is a not-so-subtle reference to a book.
  23. You have received bookplate(s) or a library stamp as a gift.
  24. You have diligently kept track of every book you have ever read.
  25. You have “wasted” an entire afternoon adding books to your TBR list.
  26. You would consider losing your TBR list a complete and total tragedy.
  27. You know what Harry Potter house the sorting hat would assign you at Hogwarts.
  28. You have walked into a bookstore to window shop, only to walk out with an arm full of books you probably couldn’t afford.
  29. Nearly a quarter of the books on your shelf are unread, but you keep buying more.
  30. When asked who your favorite celebrities are, you start listing authors.
  31. At least once in your life you have said, “The book was better” after watching a screen adaptation.
  32. You have considered paying a fee to access an out-of-state library’s digital collection of ebooks and audiobooks.
  33. You have planned your TBR list around the seasons.
  34. When planning vacations, you consider what books you will want to read.
  35. You have planned vacations based off a book that you have read.
  36. You own more than one edition of your favorite book.
  37. You have considered getting a literary tattoo at least once.
  38. You actually have a literary tattoo.
  39. You could navigate your local library with your eyes closed.
  40. You know what the genre new adult fiction is.
  41. You perk up when there is a literature-based category on Jeopardy.
  42. You cast the screen adaptation of a book in your head while you read it just in case it gets picked up by a production company.
  43. You are an avid listener of the Professional Book Nerds podcast.
  44. You will explore a new genre if a book is narrated by your favorite voice actor.
  45. You dream of chartering your very own Little Free Library.
  46. You have lingered in your parked car just to finish listening to an audiobook.
  47. You have a curated playlist of music to listen to while you read.
  48. Your family and friends know not to believe you when you say you are only going to read “one more chapter”.
  49. A book has helped you overcome a challenge in your life.
  50. You have met Libby.