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Why should I visit the Digital Bookmobile?

Readers of all ages are invited to learn about their school or public library’s digital collection of ebooks, audiobooks and magazines at this free community event. This is a great opportunity to see the high-tech traveling exhibit in person, learn tips and tricks about digital content and experience the fastest way to reading happiness.

What am I supposed to do?

Please stop by a Digital Bookmobile event to tour the truck, receive training on your school or library’s digital collection, and get your questions answered.

What should I bring?

  • iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device
  • Library login information
  • App store login information
  • (Optional) Your charged Kindle device
  • (Optional) Amazon account information

How long should I stay?

When hosted at a public library, visitors can enter and exit as they please. Most visitors stay between 5-10 minutes. Visitors who desire a deeper dive into our products often stay over 15 minutes.

When hosted at a school, classes typically stay for 15-minute sessions. This includes time to find a seat, listen to an informative presentation, explore the gadget gallery if time allows and dismiss.

What if I don’t like ebooks?

You don’t have to like ebooks to visit the Digital Bookmobile, but an open mind is always appreciated. Take some time to learn about advanced ebook features that can aid readers, including a sliding text scale, OpenDyslexic font, notes and highlights. Have you tried an audiobook? Audiobooks can be downloaded onto a personal device to read offline in the car or at home. Perhaps you know a friend or family member who would enjoy free ebooks, audiobooks and magazines. Grab a flier inside the Digital Bookmobile and share it with them!

Do I have to stay for a presentation?

When hosted at a public library, visitors won’t have a presentation. A staff member will welcome you on board and show you how to get started with ebooks, audiobooks and magazines in a one-on-one or small group setting if interested.

When hosted at a school, students will receive an informative presentation or take part in our Sora Scavenger Hunt about their school’s collection from expert OverDrive staff and have an opportunity to win prizes.

What if I can’t walk up the stairs?

The Digital Bookmobile has a BraunAbility wheelchair lift that is happily used for visitors who need assistance entering or exiting the vehicle. Visitors with a wheelchair or stroller, crutches, injury or discomfort walking up the stairs are always welcome!

Can students play with the devices during school visits?

Students will have the ability to explore the Digital Bookmobile as time allows. Students do not need to bring personal or school devices with them.

Who pays for the Digital Bookmobile?

The Digital Bookmobile is paid for and operated by OverDrive. Digital Bookmobile events are free for our library and school partners.

Can I request the Digital Bookmobile for an event?

Requests can be made on our Contact form. We travel the US and Canada, and our events are limited to libraries and schools partnered with OverDrive. If you’re an outside organization, you’ll have to collaborate with your nearest public library for an event. See our contact page for details.

Can staff on the Digital Bookmobile help me with any app or phone questions?

The high-tech traveling exhibit is used to educate users on school and library OverDrive services. Staff on the Digital Bookmobile assist with OverDrive digital collections, the Libby one-tap reading app, and the Sora student reading app. Staff aren’t expected to answer questions outside of these services.